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About Temple ( SNBP )

Trichur Koorkkanchery Sreemaheshwara temple deserves the first place among all the Sreenarayana Gurudeva temples. Gurudevan established the main idol in this temple on the 24th of the Malayalam month chingam, malayalam star uthradam in the malayalam year 1092 ( 1917 ). The other idols were established by Swami Bodhananda.

The Dharmasangham , head office of which is in Sivagiri was formed under the jackfruit tree which is situated in the northern side of the Mahadeva temple. It is in this premises where Gurdudeva\'s hermitages is situated now.

The main Idol of the temple is Sreemaheswara.The Idols of the other favourite Deities of the devotees such as Sreeparvathy , Vighneswaran , Subramanyan , Venugopalan , Sri Ayyappan and Bhagavathy , Sarppakkaavu (abode of the snake ) and Navagrahas (nine planets), enhance the beauty of the temple.

SNBP YOGAM founded by Sreemad Bodhananda Swami in the year 1930. Presently there are about 19,000 members. This is governed by an elected body. The election is once in 5 years according to the by-law. The board of Directors are 12.

The total Director board members of the SREE NARAYANA COLLEGE are 11,            ( 7 from SNBP + 4 elected from board of trustees )  

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